Metabolic Surgery (Bariatric and Obesity)

Metabolic surgery is an innovative surgery and constitutes a fundamental part in the approach to obese patients.

A revolutionary approach

Metabolic surgery is an innovative surgery and is a fundamental part in the approach to obese patients. It allows a change in the hormonal cascade and consequent weight reduction. These are revolutionary approaches that completely change the way individuals relate to food, since, among many other effects, they reduce the feeling of hunger, also giving them a greater aptitude for healthy food.

Techniques and results

These are safe and quick interventions to perform when performed by experienced surgeons. There are different approaches taking into account each clinical situation. The scars are practically imperceptible, with the possibility of the intervention being only and exclusively done through the navel! The postoperative period is of rapid recovery. These interventions go through a remodeling of the digestive tube, either by reducing it (sleeve), or by changing its architecture (bypass). These approaches interfere not only with the amount of food eaten, but also with its absorption.
Tudo isto gera uma cascata de alterações hormonais que levam a uma optimização metabólica. E aqui está o segredo: o metabolismo!
Alteração da arquitetura do tubo digestivo

Recovery and postoperative

All of this generates a cascade of hormonal changes that lead to metabolic optimization. And here’s the secret: metabolism! For this reason the results are more lasting with these innovative surgeries.

After the intervention, patients lose between 60 and 80% of their excess weight, reverse many of the symptoms they initially had and, in most of them, the associated chronic pathologies, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and snoring.

The most fascinating thing about this is that they do not have to make excessive sacrifices, they take on a new life and enjoy themselves more.

Eduardo Lima da Costa