CIM Response

CIM Response

In order to help the population and within our means, CIM has decided to put our health professionals at the service of people. Therefore, our doctors will answer questions and doubts they may have about COVID-19 and other matters in which we can help and clarify.

To do so, just send an email to or use our contact details available on this page.

Your questions will be collected and answered globally by us. In addition, we will also give you some advice in the area of Slow Aging, Nutrition, physical activity, psychology, psychiatry, pediatrics and monitoring of patients proposed for surgery and after surgery, to help you better face the challenge that lies ahead.

We provide a hotline for your questions and for general and family medicine consultations, by video and teleconsultation, in order to provide all assistance in the area of COVID 19.

Social Responsability

  • Distribution of masks for Hospital de S. João
  • Distribution of 1500 swabs in Angola
Distribuição de 2000 zaragatoas em Portugal
Refeições para o serviço de urgência do Hospital de S. João
Apoio a iniciativa da Cruz Vermelha e rede de emergência alimentar

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